Dundalk - A Place to Put Down Roots

Dundalk is a small community in Ontario about 1.5 hours outside of the GTA. Dundalk was originally named after Dundalk in Ireland and was incorporated as a village in 1887. This charming community has been a small community for many years. But more recently developers have helped put this small village on the map.


Flato Developments was one of the first builders to see the potential in this quiet community. This is a place for families to afford to get into the housing market with new builds yet be close enough to the amenities of bigger settings like Orangeville. Dundalk has seen growth in both size but also the amenities available to its residents. The current posted population is 2,046 people.

For years home prices were very flat in Dundalk, but with new development, all ships rise in a rising tide. Currently, homes sell at an average of about $750,000 but there have been detached homes selling as low as $385,000. The mix of older century homes with the newer larger 2-story homes offers something for everyone. Local real estate agents can work with your budget to help you find the perfect place that would suit your family dynamics.

Many people travelling to Owen Sound from the city know that Dundalk is the place with the Tim Horton’s right on the corner, a handy place to have a bathroom break on the way North. Conveniently located just off of Highway 10, Dundalk is ideal for those who need to commute either south or north.

Covid has bred a hybrid work environment for many people. In the past, people may have found the drive to be too long to live in Dundalk and commute to communities like Shelburne, Orangeville, Flesherton or Markdale for work, especially in the winter months. With employers being open-minded to different work models, people have been able to move to places like Dundalk for the affordability and quietness and still be able to have a work-life balance.

Something for Everyone

Dundalk is ideal for those who like winter activities as you have snowmobile trails available right at the edge of town. You are also in close proximity to skiing in Collingwood, Beaver Valley or Hockley Valley. There is an arena for those that play hockey. For the summer enthusiast, the town has an outdoor pool and playground for the young ones. There are softball teams as well as soccer teams. As for amenities, there are the necessities like the Foodland Grocery Store, a Home Hardware and of course LCBO.

Whether you are buying or selling in communities such as Orangeville, Shelburne, Creemore, Mount Forest or Caledon, you need local area Real Estate Agents with expertise to get you On The Move.

This article was published on June 14th 2022 by The Mullin Group.