Make your Rooms Appear Larger

Are you about to sell your home on the Southampton real estate market? If so, there are several changes you can make ahead of time to appeal to more buyers. One of these changes is making your rooms appear larger than they are. After all, buyers are often drawn to open spaces that are welcoming and easy to walk through.

Not sure how to make rooms look bigger? It’s easier than you think. Here are a few simple changes you can implement, from finding new ways to place furniture in the room to using lighter paint colours.

Reduce Clutter

Clutter can make a small space feel cramped and claustrophobic. However, you might be surprised at how much bigger and more open a room can look once the amount of clutter is reduced. Try to throw out or donate things that don’t spark joy (Marie Kondo style).

It would help if you also tried to take a minimalistic approach to your decor. Rooms with lots of paintings and framed photos on the walls, for example, tend to look smaller than those with fewer things hung up.

Let In Lots of Natural Light

Natural light is an excellent way of fooling the eye into believing rooms appear larger than they are. You can open up a living room, kitchen, or bedroom by simply pulling back your window curtains.

You can replace any window blinds or curtains with sheer window coverings to allow more natural light into a cramped room. If you’re willing to invest, you can also install a large window. While natural light is ideal, simply ensuring that the room is well-lighted can go a long way in making it look more open.

Place Furniture Strategically

Well-placed furniture can easily open up a room. This usually means placing more significant pieces of furniture against walls and making one piece of furniture the room’s focal point. This piece may be the bed in a bedroom or a couch in a living room. You want the eye to draw to that focal point, with all other decor arranged to compliment the main piece.

In addition, you should scale your furniture to accommodate the size of the room. If the room is relatively small, to begin with, you want to avoid larger pieces that could make the room difficult to navigate.

Use Light Paint Colours

Light paint colours are vital to making rooms look brighter and more open. The reason? Dull walls are more reflective, which can amplify the effects of natural light. Think off-whites and light blues, greys, and greens.

Dark shades of paint have the opposite effect, so avoid these colours in smaller rooms. Accent walls are another way to make rooms appear bigger while also being decorative and trendy. Just be sure to opt for soft tones!

Put Up a Mirror or Two

Mirrors are another simple method to make rooms appear larger. When angled correctly, mirrors can give the illusion of depth, all while reflecting any artificial or natural light coming into the room. You can incorporate mirrors by placing them on the walls, installing mirrored cabinet doors, or even with glass tabletops.

Make your rooms appear larger before listing on the Southampton Real Estate Market.

Now that you know how to reduce clutter and make your rooms appear larger and more welcoming, it’s time to start showing your home off to potential buyers. There’s no one better equipped to do this than experienced Southampton real estate agents like the Saugeen Team. They can showcase your home’s best features and emphasize its spaciousness to interested buyers. Contact the best real estate team today to get your property listed on the Southampton Real Estate Market!

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This article was published on March 13th 2022 by The Saugeen Team.