When is the Worst Time to Sell your Mount Forest Home

Sellers always want the most money for their Mount Forest homes, so they want to time the market to capitalize on the current market conditions. We want you to know when the worst time for Selling your Mount Forest Home is. And when it is not adequately prepared to hit the real estate market

The real estate market tends to go in waves, and buyers are always looking to buy in Mount Forest. Therefore, the only month in the calendar that is not the ideal month to list would be December. People have other priorities this month, and sales tend to be lower. However, investors look at their portfolios and realize they need to expand in the current calendar year, and December is sometimes busy for investors.

We talk about the Spring Market, Summer Market and Fall Market in real estate. Spring Market in Mount Forest starts in February. This is when buyers have had some time off over the Christmas season and have decided they need a bigger home or to downsize and have the moving bug. They start scouring the MLS system looking for homes because there are so few, which drives the frenzy. As a result, Mount Forest home sales tend to rise. Professional realtors get in touch with their seller clients about getting their homes on the market now. Sellers tend to think that waiting for their “gardens to be in bloom” will net them a higher sale price. This is not necessarily true. By this time, there could be plenty of supply of homes on the market, and Mount Forest Buyers will have plenty of selection.

A seller who rushes to get their home on an open market without adequately preparing it for sale has now shot themselves in the foot. Hiring a top Mount Forest REALTOR® will ensure that home is perfectly ready when it is time to hit the real estate market.

How To Ready Your Home For The Mount Forsert Market

Gone are the days when your real estate agent can have paperwork signed today and your sign up tomorrow. The real estate market is too competitive, and your home has to show head & shoulders above your competition, or you are leaving money on the table. It would help if you had your home staged by a professional stager. We are not talking about moving all your personal belongings out and bringing in everything new. We are talking about rearranging your current furniture if need be. And packing away some of your items and augmenting them with décor items to make your home appeal to today’s buyers. Keep in mind that 97% of buyers turn to the internet first to start their home search. Over 75% of those people are looking on a mobile device. That little picture has to “pop” to make them click on the link to see more. A stager knows how to make those pictures “speak” to buyers of today.

Photos are critical when Selling your Mount Forest Home

This is not the time for your Real Estate Agent to cheap out and not hire a professional photographer who delivers high-resolution photos and HD videography. The potential buyer needs to feel like they are actually in the home from the quality of images taken. Additionally, we believe that floor plans are essential in helping buyers visualize the flow and space.

Pictures do not show smells, dust or cobwebs. You will want to make sure when a potential buyer comes through your Mount Forest home that it is spic and span and has a pleasing smell. Limit any air fresheners in the house. For many buyers, this is overwhelming and will hurt your sale. Your professional realtor will be honest about pet smells and cigarette odours, even if coming from clothes in the home. We also suggest how to make your home appealing to the olfactory sense.

The Summer Real Estate Market has Stiff Competition

Properly preparing your home gives you an advantage in selling. The Fall market tends to begin a few weeks after the kids return to school. This is when buyers have decided they would like/need to move before the snow flies.

Your top Mount Forest Real Estate Agent will Best Advise when it is time to list

There is prep work to be show-ready. Contact your agent as soon as you start to contemplate a move. They will assess your home and advise you to yield the best return on your investment. They know the local real estate market and want you to sell your Mount Forest Home for top dollar and will tell you if it is the worst time to sell your Mount Forest Home.

Whether you are buying or selling in communities such as Orangeville, Shelburne, Creemore, Mount Forest or Caledon, you need local area Real Estate Agents with expertise to get you On The Move.

This article was published on July 11th 2022 by The Mullin Group.