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The dos and don'ts of Selling your Hanover Home when you have Pets

Selling Your Home With Pets While selling your home in Hanover requires some work on your part, it requires even more work when you have pets! As a pet lover, you cannot imagine that others do not like animals living in their homes, but you need to think like a Buyer who does not like pets when selling.

Truth be told, even animal lovers have qualms about buying a home that recently housed pets. The trick here is to make your house as pet-free as possible before listing it on the Hanover Real Estate Market. Here are the dos and don'ts of selling a home when you have pets.

Remove your Pets during all Showings and Open Houses

Even better, see if your pet can get a pet sitter at another home for at least the first few weeks your Hanover home is up for sale. That way, all of your hard work will not be ruined or have to be kept up on with Fluffy out of the way.

Clean your House from Top to Bottom

You were probably going to clean your home anyway, but you need to clean so well that you do not see or smell a trace of any pets. You may want to enlist a professional service to clean your home, as well as a professional company to cclean your carpets. Your yard should not be ignored either, as pets definitely leave their mess out there.

Hide or Remove your Pet's Belongings

There is no point in removing your pet, but leaving their dog crate or cat perch sitting in the middle of your living room. Relocate it to the garage or to where your pet will be staying. Not only does this help get rid of the traces of your pets, it helps you remove clutter from your home, which is always distracting for homebuyers.

Do not lock up your Pet in the House during Showings

You may have been to showings where the dog or cat sits in their crate terrified of the visitors who are entering their home. What were your feelings? Were you distracted by this fact enough to not really pay attention to the things in the home that you may have fallen in love with otherwise? Well, this is what will happen to your buyers as well. Do not give them a reason to forget your home or have feelings other than pure joy. Do not lock your animal in a cage and leave them there as a sideshow during viewings or open houses!

Do not leave your Pet in the Yard during Showings

You may think that by not leaving your pet in a cage, you are doing one better, but really leaving your pet outside just makes sure that buyers do not go outside. Whether they are afraid of your dog or cat or afraid of what they may step in, most buyers do not want to look at a backyard with a pet in it. This means that your potential homebuyers could be missing one of the best parts of your home and that is not good.

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